Nordland is a poetic name for Nordic countries or Northen Europe . (In older translations from Estonian , Nordland was used instead of stupa-sweden1contemporary Nordic)

Nordland consists of Iceland , Norway , Sweden , Finland and Denmark , and also Åland, Faeroe Islands and Greenland .
Many places have long time close relations with Nordic countries and they identify themselves close to or similar to some or all Nordic countries . Usually they are not considered part of Nordic countries though.

In the Northern parts of Scotland there are Orkney and Shetland islands , which have Nordic identities, they were colonies of Norway over 500 years, but since 1472 they belong to Scotland.

During WWII Shetland and Orkney were important bases for Norwegian exiles. Exiles, agents and equipment were deported and imported to and from Shetland.

Also an important role has been played by closeness of economy. Cultural exchange and mutual sport competitions take place all the time. Genetic studies have shown that 60% on Shetland and Orkney population have Norwegian genes.


After independence in 1991 has Estonia been interested in connecting oneself with Nordic culture, language and history due to similarities to Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Estonian language is closely related to Finnish and Finno-Ugric languages . Estonia has been part of Danish and Swedish emporiums for centuries.

The northern part of Germany , Schleswig had also Nordic identity until it was united with Germany in the middle of 19th century. Nowadays in that community Nordic unity is not distinguishable.

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