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All Presentations in alphabetical order

  1. "Gyllene Templet - The Golden Temple" by Håkan Wahlquist
  2. “In the Footprints of the Masters” - Development and methods for practice in Chinese Chan Buddhism from Tang to Modern Era By Ming Bao
  3. A Contribution of Emchi D. Yendonov in The Development of the Tibetan Medicine at The Ashagat Manba Dastan by Dr. Natalia Bolsokhoeva
  4. A Survey of Contemporary Buddhist Educational System in the Countries of Southeast Asia by Zhen Chan
  5. An Application of Buddhist practice of Mindfulness in Contemporary Western Psychotherapy by Audrius Beinorius
  6. An outline of Buddhism advent to the Kalmyks (West-Mongols) by Natalia S. Yakhontova
  7. Bodhicitta: Transformtions in Body and Transformations in Society by Vladimir Korobov
  8. Borobudur: Buddhism in the Land of Religious Syncretism by Leons Taivans
  9. Buddhism and Theosophy: Historical Sketch by Anita Stasulane
  10. Buddhism in daily life - Dōgen Zenji's (1200-1253) and Gudō Nishijima Rōshi's (b. 1919) teachings in Finland through 'Kajo Zendo' Zen Buddhist group by Markus Laitinen
  11. Buddhism in Hungary by Zoltan Cser
  12. Buddhism in the Works of Roerichs by Irina Bitkova
  13. Buddhist Calligraphy in Ancient China by Chunyang Zhou
  14. Buddhist Dharma Centre, 30 years of practice in Finland by Pekka Airaksinen
  15. Buddhist Factor in Promoting Traditional Culture in Mongolia by Sharad K. Soni
  16. Buddhist Liberation and Christian Deification: Experiential and Doctrinal Aspects... by Elizabete Taivane
  17. Buddhology and Buddhologists in St.-Petersburg (Past and Recent) by Elena S. Soboleva
  18. Budism ja Põhjala
  19. Budism, Budo ja Põhjala by Ville Jehe
  20. Ch.d. Iroltuev - Pandita Khambo - Lama, philosopher, founder of the Ashagat Manba Datsang and Emchi by Bolsokhoeva Natalya Danilovna
  21. Chuds, Himalayan Brotherhood and Northern Shambhala by Aado Lintrop
  22. Dreams of a Pan-Mongolian state: Sandan Tsydenov, Baron Ungern, Agvan Dorjiev, Nicholas Roerich by Alexandre Andreyev
  23. Dzogchen, the Transcultural Vehicle Encounters with the Elements of the North by Ngala Rig’dzin Dorje
  24. Enegretic architecture by Vilen Künnapu
  25. English-language internet resources on Tibetan culture and Buddhist studies by Agita Baltgalve
  26. Estonian Nyingma
  27. History of Estonian Nyingma
  28. In 2009 Saint-Petersburg Datsan Gunzechoinei celebrates 100 years birthday since its foundation by Buda Badmayev
  29. Interpretation as a Spiritual Practice: Buddhism and Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics by Audrius Beinorius
  30. Is there a point in talking about Vajrasattva? by Vladimir Montlevich
  31. Khara-Khoto, a Buddhist oasis at the edge of Gobi: its discovery and excavation by A.I. Andreyev
  32. Ma rändan koos Karl Tõnissoniga by Tiit Pruuli
  33. Mimetic strategy of cognition in Buddhist Tantras by Vladimir Korobov
  34. Mistakes in translation from Sanskrit by Natalia S. Yakhontova
  35. My journey goes with Karl Tõnisson by Tiit Pruuli
  36. Phenomenological Terminology in Early Prajñapārāmita Texts (“phenomenal reality” (dmigs pa), “abiding” (gnas pa) and “practice” (spyod)) by Vladimir Korobov
  37. Pu-tön’s Advice on publishing Buddhist texts by Alpo Ratia
  38. Quest for Certainty: The Epistemological Implications of the Buddha’s notion of True Knowledge by Patrick Mbazuigwe
  39. Sages and Apocryphal Canons: Confucius in Tibet by Deborah Sommer
  40. Sanskrit into Tibetan translation mistakes by Natalia S. Yakhontova
  41. Scandinavia: A growing interest in Buddhism by Ming Bao (Johnny Petersen)
  42. Social Activities of Buddhists in Latvia by Marika Laudere
  43. Social Structure Of Buddhism Groups In Latvia by Marika Laudere
  44. Some reflections on Buddhist art collecting and collectors in Russia in the 18th – early 20th C. by A.I. Andreyev
  45. Some Reflections on Buddhist Factor in Relations between Tibetans and Mongols by Sharad K. Soni
  46. Stupas in Nepal - Introduction and scope by Vaijayanti Khare
  47. Stupas in Nepal by Dr. Vaijayanti Khare
  48. TAIJIQUAN – one of the greatest contribution from China to the world by Priit Kelder
  49. The ‘Extended Everett Interpretation’ of Quantum Physics and the Buddhist Worldview by A.Terentyev
  50. The Beginnings of Buddhism in Latvia (1908-1940) by Leons Taivans
  51. The Buddhist revival in Russia (late 1980s - 1990s) and Tibet by Alexandre Andreyev
  52. The Changing Face of Labrang: Politics, Religion and Cultural Preservation in Xiahe by Juha Komppa
  53. The Concept of ”Names” from ”Nièpán Wúmíng Lùn” by Chunyang Zhou
  54. The Dissemination of Buddhism in the Northern Part of Russian Federation by Buda Badmayev
  55. The Early History of Buddhism in Finland “Finland a Developing Country in Buddhist Studies” by Alpo Ratia
  56. The Early History of Buddhism in Finland Parts I & II By Alpo Ratia
  57. The Father of Estonian Buddhism – Karl Tõnisson by Vello Vaartnou
  58. The Ideas of Enlightenment in the Toltec Nagualism by Villu Põldma
  59. The Names of Rivers (Sanskrit-Tibetan-Mongolian) by Natalia Yakhontova
  60. The presentation of the system of Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation in the tradition of Je Tsonkhapa (on the basis of the Tibetan texts and the oral Lamrim- and Lojong-teachings of modern Tibetan Lamas by Irina Urbanaeva
  61. The Rise of Buddhism in Buryatia through the Prism of the 7th Pandido Khambo Lama Sandelegey Vanchig's Biography by Radnazhab Sodmonov
  62. The Spread and Domestication of Buddhism in Mongolia by Dugarjav Naran
  63. The Syncretism of Chan Buddhism and Precepts: Formation of Chan Ideology in the Ninth Century by Pei-Ying Lin
  64. The Way of Negation Some remarks on some Prajnaparamita texts by Jaan Kaplinski
  65. Tibetan Khampa Nuns in the Changing Society by Mitra Härkönen
  66. Tracing an Estonian Buddhist in Burma: Reverend Friedrich Lustig (1912-1989) by Karin Dean
  67. Translations of the "Sutra of Golden light" into Mongolian languages Natalia S. Yakhontova
  68. Tšuudid, Himaalaja Vennaskond ja Põhja Šambhala by Aado Lintrop
  69. Tühjuse kontseptsioon neokonfutsianistliku filosoofia käsitluses by Priit Kelder
  70. Vajrasattva tantra by Vladimir Montlevich
  71. Valgustuse ideed tolteekide nagualismis by Villu Põldma
  72. Views on Meditation Process in the “Grades on the Path to Bodhi” by Tsonkhapa by Chimeg Oyun
  73. What has Buddhism to offer modern day Sweden and who is interested in it? by Allan Fotheringham
  74. When Buddha came to Ultima Thule by Jürgen Offermann
  75. Who is Western Buddhist? Who is Buddhist of Nordland? by Ieva Rute
  76. Women in Early Buddhist Inscriptions by Vinay Kumar Rao
  77. Yungdrung Bön in the West: reception and transformations by Ieva Rute
  78. Zen Juhan Liivi luules by L.Lapin
  79. Zen of the Art of Writing by Anti Kidron
  80. Zen-budismi mõjust tänapäeva psühholoogiale by Anti Kidron
  81. В 2009 году Санкт-Петербургский дацан Гунзэчойнэй отмечает 100 лет с начала строительства by Buda Badmayev
  82. Дары Хамбо Ламы Итигэлова Николаю II как символ развития буддизма на Севере by Buda Badmayev
  83. Есть ли смысл говорить о Ваджрасаттваяне? by Vladimir Montlevich
  84. Тантра Ваджрасаттвы (Vajrasattva tantra) RUS by Vladimir Montlevich