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Dr.Phil, University of Cologne 2007. Lecturer of Chinese language and culture at the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Asian Studies, Latvian University; Coordinator of the M.A. Program “Orientalism”

Fields of research:

  • Linguistics of modern and classical Chinese and Tibetan, Tibetan and Chinese Buddhism, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese classical and modern literature
  • 2001—2006: Scientific assistant, teacher of the classical Chinese language (University of Cologne, Germany (Seminar of East Asia Studies, Department of Ancient Sinology) )
  • 2007 until now: Lecturer of Chinese language and culture, Coordinator of the M.A. Program “Orientalism” (University of Latvia (Faculty of Humanities, Department of Asian Studies)


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  • „Der Begriff ‘Befreiung’ in chinesischen Übersetzungen der Mahāyāna – Sūtras“. (The Concept of Liberation in the Chinese Translations of Mahāyāna-Sūtras.) University of Cologne. Cologne 2007. [22..02.2011]
  • „Ekspedīcija Pasaules Jumts“. (Expedition Roof of the World. Co-author and Chinese language assistant). Jumava, Rīga, 2002.
  • „Senču ceļš“ (The Way of Ancestors. A translation from classical Chinese language). Mācību apgāds, Rīga, 2000.

After my docotral promotion (Cologne, Germany) in 2007. I have been working here at the Latvian University as a docent of Sinology and Tibetology.

Among my personal interests is also Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.