Alexander I. Andreyev

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PhD in history from the University of St Petersburg. Senior research fellow at the Institute for the History of Science and Technology, St Petersburg Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. Historian and writer, currently director of P. Kozlov Memorial Museum affiliated with the above institute. His scholarly interests focus on history of the Russian exploration in Central Asia (Mongolia, China and Tibet), Russo-Tibetan relations, and history of Buddhism and occultism in Russia.

Major publications:

  • “Ot Baikala do sviastchennoi Lhasy / From Lake Baikal to Sacred Lhasa: New Materials on the Russian expeditions to central Asia in the 1st half of the XXth century/, St Petersburg – Samara – Pague, 1997;
  • “Soviet Russia and Tibet: The debacle of secret diplomacy, Leiden – Boston: Brill, 2003;
  • „Khram Buddy v Severnoi Stolitse / The Temple of the Buddha in the Northern capital/, St Petersburg: “Nartang” Publishers, 2004;
  • „Okkultist Strany Sovetov /The Occultist of the Soviet Land/, Moscow: “Yauza” – “EKSMO”, 2004;
  • „Tibet v politike tsarskoi, sovetskoi i postsovetskoi Rossii /Tibet in Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet politics/, St Petersburg: St Petersburg University Press – “Nartang”, 2006;
  • „Gimalaiskoe Bratstvo: teosofskii mif i ego tvortsy /The Himalayan Brotherhood: a theosophical myth and its makers/, St Petersburg: St Petersburg University Press , 2008;
  • „The Forbidden Land in the earliest photographs by Russian travelers Gombozhab Tsybikov and Ovshe Norzunov, New Delhi: BIBLIA IMPEX (awaiting publication).