Allan Fotheringham

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General Secretary of Swedish Tibetan Society for School & Culture

He was born in Scotland in 1956. At the age of 18 he moved to Sweden and in 1978 he formally became a Buddhist. In 1984 he completed a 3-year retreat in the Tibetan traditional style, which was carried out at H.E.Kalu Rinpoche`s retreat centre in Fellingsbro outside of Stockholm.

Since then he was given the title Lama Lodru. After several more years in retreat he left in 1992 for a 3 month pilgrimage to the Buddhist holy places of India & Nepal where he also studied with great teachers of the Tibetan tradition.

On returning to Sweden he became active in the social & educational work of the Swedish Tibetan Society for School & Culture where he works fulltime today,presently holding the position of General Secretary.

In 2007 he travelled to India and received the Getsul monk ordination.