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Prof. Irina Urbanaeva (getshulma Tenzin Choidron),

Sc.Dr., prof., main research fellow at the the Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Ulan Ude, Russia. A Buddhist nun

PhD from Mongolian State University in Ulan-baatar on the base of dissertation “Man at the Lake Baikal and the Philosophy of the History of the Central Asia” (1994).

At this period she published three monographs:

1) “The essential principles of the ethics as a science and the unity science” (Novosibirsk, 1988);
2) “Man at the Lake Baikal and the Philosophy of the History of the Central Asia” (Ulan-Ude, 1995);
3) “Shamanistic Philosophy of the Buryat-Mongolen” (Ulan-Ude, 2000).

After this period her scientific and spiritual interests are intimate connected with the Buddhism.

The main subject of her studies is “The interrelation between the Philosophy and the Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhism”.

In 2003-2004 she studied Tibetan language at Dharamsala.


“Dharamsala and the world of the Tibetan emigrants” (Ulan-Ude, 2005);

translations from Tibetan into Russian too:

1. Namkha Pel. Lojong “Nima’i ‘od’zer” (Ulan-Ude, 2006);
2. Śantideva. Bodhicharyavatara. (Ulan-Ude, 2007);
3. Lamrim “Rnam grol lag bcangs” (“The Liberation on the Palm”) /by Pabongkha Rinpoche. - Vol. 1, 2 (Ulan-Ude, 2008).
4. The monograph “Philosophy and Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhism” (Ulan Ude 2010)

Urbanaeva is a Buddhist nun and the head of the Buddhist organization “Green Tara” and the chief editor of the Publishing House “Je Tsongkhapa”