Karin Dean

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Ph.D from National University of Singapore on the Kachin at the Sino-Burma border (1999-2003);

Senior researcher in Tallinn University, The Estonian Institute of Humanities

Worked as visiting lecturer in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok; as a Consultant for Family Health International in North-Thailand and for Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (2002-2006) liaising between the Centre and the ethnic armed resistance groups based at the Thai-Burma border; independent research and reporting while based in Thailand (1996-2007) and China (1995-1996).

2007 - ... MA programme director, Middle Eastern and Asian Studies Masters' programme Tallinn University

2010 - 2015 Estonian Universities' (TLÜ, TÜ and TTÜ) joint module ‘Asian Societies, Economy and Politics;’ project leader

Research interests: Southeast Asian (SEA ) states, societies and ethnic minorities; Burma ; Thailand ; armed conflicts in SEA ; borderlands, boundaries and identities; critical and popular geopolitics.