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Ming Bao (Johnny Petersen) , Sweden.

Studied Buddhism since the early seventies.

Practiced various schools of Buddhism: Kargyupa, Tien Tai, Theravada,

Rinzai and finally Linji Chan Tsung.

Took refuge to the Triple Gem 1979.

Personal student to the first Buddhist monk in Sweden (Tien Tai-school).

Ordained monk in China (Chan-school) in 2004 by Venerable Elder Master Jing Hui.

Appointed Dharma Teacher in the Chan school.

Teaching at and running the 'Tao Zen Center' in Malmo, Sweden.

Author of two books on Buddhism: 'Tien T'ai Tsung', published under his old Dharma name Tao Ch'uan and 'Vägen' (The Path), teaching on the basics on Buddhism and Chan with some sutras in translation.

Practitioner of such Martial Arts as Aikido and Qi Gong (teaching).

The resident monk of the Malmo Chan Buddhist Temple in Southern Sweden

Teacher of the Tao Zen Sangha and p ractitioner of Aikido and Qi Gong

Ming Bao has studied and been practicing the Dharma since 1974. He took refuge in the Triple Gem in 1979 for Tao Wei Sifu after four years of study and recieved the name Tao Ch'uan. During the summer 2004 he was ordained into the Linji lineage in the old Chan monastery Bai Lin Chan Sí (In the old days known as the Guan Yin Chan Sí) in Hebei, China, by Grand Master Jing Hui. He recieved the names Ming Bao (Treasure of Light) Chong Wu (Devotional Practice). At the same time he was appointed Dharma Teacher and recieved the classical 'fly-wisk'

In 1981 he founded the Malmo Buddhist Center and in 1998 he founded the Tao Zen Sangha where he serves as president of the commitée board as well as spiritual guide and Dharma Teacher.

He is a priest of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun as well as elected member of the Scandinavian Dharma Teachers Association. Ming Bao's mentor is Chan Master Ming Qi of Geneva. One of his late teachers was the Venerable Myokyo-ni in London.

Ming Bao has written and published the books 'Tien T'ai Tsung' and 'Vägen' (The Path) as well as a book with collected works by his first teacher Ven. Tao Wei; 'Den Buddhistiska Livsåskådningen'(The Buddhist wue of life). He has been a web editor and main author on the spiritual site 'Fjarils Vingar'. (Vings of the Butterfly)