Opening speech by secretary of Estonian Nyingma Marju Broder at the opening of international conference "Buddhism and Nordland 2009"

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the third international conference "Buddhism and Nordland 2009".

This conference has already established itself as a key event in which the most influential researches in the the field of so called Nordic Buddhism come together to exchange insights and to influence each others' agendas.

Such a dialogue has never been more important. I,m sure we will discuss lot of key issues of concern to the buddhist history of our Baltic region . This is your opportunity to influence scientific aspect of it. As I say, please use it.

Third event and gathering on the topic of the history of Buddhism in Baltics area has become true .

As Estonia is not the only country here, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, where Buddhists live - there are some in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway,Russia. lithuvania and Latvia , - it is quite natural that neighbors gather together and review what they have to say on this topic. Therefore - welcome neighbors.

We wish to expand the research of Buddhist topics to local historical background, research Buddhism and its presence not only in Estonia no I guesss we mean the entire Nordland.

In his opening speech, Vello Väärtnöu, the Head of Estonian Nyingma thanked all presenters and participants for their kind support and participation. My attention is to do the same .

The event provides an opportunity for us as participants to keep abreast of the latest academic and social development of Buddhism in this part of the world.Our intention is to make a joint effort to do something together.

If possible: we expect to see a new phenomenon – to create a common platform where we can come to meet with each other to share our ideas, to have dialogues – to enable us to share with and support each other.

From my own conviction, I think this is possible, and having seen all of our faces here I hope that we can achieve something really valuable from this international conference "Buddhism and Nordland " .

The first thing for us is participation. I expect that participating universities and colleges will come forward to join our movement in future there will bo more of tehm .

And ofcourse I have hope that other Estonian buddhists and buddhist organisations will have the interest and and possibility participiate too. Since today they havent shown any sign of interest and the same opinion seems to have university of Tartu together with their orientalists.

They are too busy to teach buddhism instead of trying to research local I mean Estonian buddhist history and until now they have never supported us or even havent been interested to participiate in our conference "Buddhism and Nordland "

Our conference "Buddhism and Nordland "it is not only on an individual basis, but on the basis of institutions too.

We want to draw as much participation as possible from the existing institutions in the Baltic region and Northen Europe. I hope that we have,nt held today the longest opening ceremony in the history of Buddhist conferences.

Thanks to our lovely and patient audiences.The significance of this conference "Buddhism and Nordland 2009" should not be overlooked because it does not happen by chance.

I can see that both buddhists and scholars are working together with true spirit of Buddhist brotherhood .

Right now we are living in the age of information technology. The way how we propagate our results international conference "Buddhism and Nordland 2009"of is affected by this technology of information.

The buddhists and scholars who are living in different countries can acces the information about our conference "Buddhism and Nordland " in web on our homepage to share ideas and even work together with us throug digital network. In our days there are lot of possibilitys to communicate with each other ,, so let use the results of science and tehcnology .

Everything what has presented as research has available for each of us in web.I think its most democratic solution to share knowledge and information.

Seizing this opportunity of our gathering I would like to express my hope that in the future we will be able to have more and better communication amongst ourselves and that from the Buddhists, irrespective of what tradition we belong to, that we will be able to contribute more effectively for human happiness , mental peace and even in academical science I really hope so .

I would once more like to welcome all spectators and participants who considered it necessary to honor such third event in the field of history of Northern European Buddhism with their presence.