Presentations 2009

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  1. Borobudur: Buddhism in the Land of Religious Syncretism by Leons Taivans
  2. Buddhist Factor in Promoting Traditional Culture in Mongolia by Sharad K. Soni
  3. Chuds, Himalayan Brotherhood and Northern Shambhala by Aado Lintrop
  4. In 2009 Saint-Petersburg Datsan Gunzechoinei celebrates 100 years birthday since its foundation by Buda Badmayev
  5. Interpretation as a Spiritual Practice: Buddhism and Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics by Audrius Beinorius
  6. Is there a point in talking about Vajrasattva? by Vladimir Montlevich
  7. Khara-Khoto, a Buddhist oasis at the edge of Gobi: its discovery and excavation by A.I. Andreyev
  8. Phenomenological Terminology in Early Prajñapārāmita Texts (“phenomenal reality” (dmigs pa), “abiding” (gnas pa) and “practice” (spyod)) by Vladimir Korobov
  9. Scandinavia: A growing interest in Buddhism by Ming Bao (Johnny Petersen)
  10. The Changing Face of Labrang: Politics, Religion and Cultural Preservation in Xiahe by Juha Komppa
  11. The Early History of Buddhism in Finland Parts I & II By Alpo Ratia
  12. The Ideas of Enlightenment in the Toltec Nagualism by Villu Põldma
  13. The presentation of the system of Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation in the tradition of Je Tsonkhapa (on the basis of the Tibetan texts and the oral Lamrim- and Lojong-teachings of modern Tibetan Lamas by Irina Urbanaeva
  14. The Way of Negation Some remarks on some Prajnaparamita texts by Jaan Kaplinski
  15. Translations of the "Sutra of Golden light" into Mongolian languages Natalia S. Yakhontova
  16. Tšuudid, Himaalaja Vennaskond ja Põhja Šambhala by Aado Lintrop
  17. Valgustuse ideed tolteekide nagualismis by Villu Põldma
  18. Views on Meditation Process in the “Grades on the Path to Bodhi” by Tsonkhapa by Chimeg Oyun
  19. В 2009 году Санкт-Петербургский дацан Гунзэчойнэй отмечает 100 лет с начала строительства by Buda Badmayev
  20. Есть ли смысл говорить о Ваджрасаттваяне? by Vladimir Montlevich