Presentations 2010

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  1. A Survey of Contemporary Buddhist Educational System in the Countries of Southeast Asia by Zhen Chan
  2. An Application of Buddhist practice of Mindfulness in Contemporary Western Psychotherapy by Audrius Beinorius
  3. Bodhicitta: Transformtions in Body and Transformations in Society by Vladimir Korobov
  4. Buddhism in the Works of Roerichs by Irina Bitkova
  5. Buddhist Dharma Centre, 30 years of practice in Finland by Pekka Airaksinen
  6. Ch.d. Iroltuev - Pandita Khambo - Lama, philosopher, founder of the Ashagat Manba Datsang and Emchi by Bolsokhoeva Natalya Danilovna
  7. Dzogchen, the Transcultural Vehicle Encounters with the Elements of the North by Ngala Rig’dzin Dorje
  8. Quest for Certainty: The Epistemological Implications of the Buddha’s notion of True Knowledge by Patrick Mbazuigwe
  9. Sages and Apocryphal Canons: Confucius in Tibet by Deborah Sommer
  10. Sanskrit into Tibetan translation mistakes by Natalia S. Yakhontova
  11. Social Activities of Buddhists in Latvia by Marika Laudere
  12. Some reflections on Buddhist art collecting and collectors in Russia in the 18th – early 20th C. by A.I. Andreyev
  13. Some Reflections on Buddhist Factor in Relations between Tibetans and Mongols by Sharad K. Soni
  14. Stupas in Nepal - Introduction and scope by Vaijayanti Khare
  15. Stupas in Nepal by Dr. Vaijayanti Khare
  16. The ‘Extended Everett Interpretation’ of Quantum Physics and the Buddhist Worldview by A.Terentyev
  17. The Concept of ”Names” from ”Nièpán Wúmíng Lùn” by Chunyang Zhou
  18. The Dissemination of Buddhism in the Northern Part of Russian Federation by Buda Badmayev
  19. The Rise of Buddhism in Buryatia through the Prism of the 7th Pandido Khambo Lama Sandelegey Vanchig's Biography by Radnazhab Sodmonov
  20. The Spread and Domestication of Buddhism in Mongolia by Dugarjav Naran
  21. The Syncretism of Chan Buddhism and Precepts: Formation of Chan Ideology in the Ninth Century by Pei-Ying Lin
  22. Tibetan Khampa Nuns in the Changing Society by Mitra Härkönen
  23. What has Buddhism to offer modern day Sweden and who is interested in it? by Allan Fotheringham
  24. Women in Early Buddhist Inscriptions by Vinay Kumar Rao
  25. Yungdrung Bön in the West: reception and transformations by Ieva Rute