The Ideas of Enlightenment in the Toltec Nagualism by Villu Põldma

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Estonian nation has no philosophical background

From the far past in Estonian history no written philosophical texts have been found that would talk about world’s philosophy and enlightment. Texts that we still have were all composed by Christians at the high times of Christianity.

Myths about the creation of the world are in some way orally extant, but even these were put into a written form a few centuries ago. The descriptions of ancient Estonian religion in Christian writings can not be taken seriously. A modern Estonian also does not understand the oral history anymore. Hence there are no such kinds of philosophical religious writings in Estonia as there are in India, Tibet or China.

As in Estonia Christianity and communism destroyed all the philosophical folk myths, and all the people, who understood the ancient sciences were executed during centuries, there is a reason to believe that modern Estonians who turn to the philosophical religions can not fully understand the local oral myths/history and are not able to put them into real life. The full understanding of religious philosophy depends on the degree in which it is put into life. Such process takes centuries and many generations.

This aspect of incomprehensibility together with the fact that no local spiritual heritage has remained from ancient times has brought about the situation where most Estonians have stayed with the ideology of Leninist Marxism and those few who search for religion and spirituality are divided between hundreds of different foreign sects. Because of this, I decided to make my presentation in Estonian and offer in simplified form parallels to Buddhism from other side of the world.

Of course the world philosophical heritage of Toltecs, Mayas and Incas has been destroyed by Christians almost 100%, so that very few written texts have survived, but luckily the Christianization of the American continent took place ca 500 years later than in Estonia and there are still some Indians` groups that practice ancient religion. Specifically, groups of most modern Indians are Catholics or the representatives of other Christian sects, who think that these people are a little bit daft. Just as people here look at the practitioners of Estonian paganism.

Indians’ world-view

Indians’ philosophy says that all conscious beings have energetic shell/body that is the sign of life of every independently existing creature. An energetic body that is egg-shaped or a little bit distinguished and different separates sensible beings from the energy field of the cosmos. All sensible beings are created by a powerful cosmic force that is called the Eagle. In Estonian mythology it is also suggested that a bird is the creator of the world.

Besides us, beings who are materialized on Earth (insects, plants, fish, animals and humans), there are other bodiless cosmic beings who come from other worlds to observe and possible also to rule our life.

The main purpose of human life is explained by the Indians’ shamanism or nagualism as follows: Immutable great cosmic force Eagle creates all sensible beings, including humans who are materialized on Earth, whom consciousness is given at the moment of birth and this conscious human is sent to learn the animal side of worldly life. For that humans are given under the authority of Animal-gods that rule the Earth and organize the civilization according to the rules of the animal flocks where graminivorous animals are competing for grasslands and predators for their territories and preys. In the same way the states are built: governors and people, killings and wars for the countries, resources, food and money. If a human learns and practices all animal-predatory ways of living on Earth and loses compassion towards every living thing, then he has enriched his inborn consciousness with worldly experiences and after death Eagle takes back his consciousness that is flavoured with animal-predatory spices. That kind of consciousness is called Eagle’s food.

The concept of Indians’ God

So, the concept of God is different in Indian`s philosophy. As they themselves say that they have created their world-view using extrasensory perception, observing the energy fields and the movements of the energies, they have understood that there is no such God as monotheistic religions describe. What they present as God is their own cosmic form of light or at a worse case, a bodiless spiritual being, animal-god, that has come from the depths of the universe to rule our world, a cosmic black hole that gathers the energies of humans and other beings. This bodiless being is looking for him prophets among humans who would spread his faith and recruit the members of congregation for him. Such religions are always hostile towards other religions, evoking crusades, holy wars, inquisition and disposal. Just like Christians destroyed pagans in their crusades in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. But when Christianity gained the status of state religion, the holy inquisition began.

Basically, in Indians’ philosophy it is hinted that Christianity makes a human similar to an animal that has no compassion toward a fellow human. Their compassion is limited only to another Christian congregation.

The cause of the incipience of the ideas of emancipation

Indians started to think about getting free from the worldly animal life order and from the afflictions that it brings about when Christians came and killed millions of Indians, turning the rest of the people into slaves. It seems that only then some Indians understood the nature of predatory life in its fullness. But even then on the level of small groups as the strict catholic order and inquisition did not allow them to spread their views widely.

Before that, Indian clairvoyants-wise men were more interested in gaining power over other people and many went along the path that in hints was spoken about before the birth of Buddha when the dream about White Elephant holding a white lotus was interpreted as the birth of a great man who can become whether a great governor or a saint.

If a person with a great energy turns his powerful attention to the ordinary life, he will become a king and then this great kind will for sure conquer other countries, gather fortunes and bring people into wars and kill them. Indian philosophy does not know the concept of a kind and noble king and history has shown that there’s aren’t any. The one who turns his great spiritual power towards civil life, loses often his compassion and becomes a great ruler who fights for the fortune, land and women and establishes a great power in the form of state.

Other part of Indians’ past clairvoyants-wise men, who also wanted to escape the predatory civilisation pursued the eternal life. Of course they found it, but this is still not leaving the life circle, but just a dead-end street. Namely, Indians understand the perception of the world at three levels. The first level is the one of the ordinary human, whose all attention is only on the civilized life and worldly aims and who uses all his personal energy for the perception of material life and for acting in one.

The second stage of the perception begins when a person gives up at least partly the worldly aims, leaving aside all things that are not of vital importance, then he has enough energy for the perception of energy fields and other parallel worlds and he becomes a clairvoyant. At this second level it is possible to see the order of the world, all the bodiless sensitive beings and understand the real energetic reasons of the life process.

One part of Indian clairvoyants took their people out of this predatory world into other worlds and they built up an illusion world or also new material way of life. But modern Indian theory of emancipation says that pursuit of eternal life is possible only in the form of shadowy beings (those great emperors who wanted to maintain eternal power and life in bodily form were wrong) or in the form of repetitive temporary bodies, but also in the other material worlds the same predatory rules apply. All these options are considered to be a long turn dead end, because these did not take the humans out of the predatory world.

Only the modern Indian clairvoyants-wise men discovered under the pressure of Catholicism that it is possible to reach to the third level of consciousness. For that it is necessary to gather so much energy that the clairvoyance of the second level would appear and from there it is possible to go to the third level for exiting the circulation of the consciousness between Eagle and Earth. After gaining the third level of consciousness the person perceives the nature of cosmos and becomes himself some kind of great cosmic power. That probably means a kind of folk myth where some mythical being is taken to the sky as a constellation.

It’s hard to say whether this idea can be called enlightment or subsiding into nirvana, because the people who have left our cosmic system never turn back.

The practice of emancipation

Indians’ practice showed that leaving the system of Earth-Eagle is possible only through small groups. The group of leavers has to form a certain pattern of energies that copies the world’s cosmic model. It is as if a new world is created between cosmoses. A certain number of men and women belong there. Women symbolize cardinal points and worldly powers. Men add to the group their cosmic leading energy. This group is quite small, usually less than twenty people. The size of the group depends on the personal energy of the group’s leader, nagual – how large group can he take to the cosmic journey. The group of the previous generation is acting somewhere in far cosmos as a cosmic lighthouse that does not let the new group depart from the right course.

No group of leavers can leave before they have trained a new group. This idea is similar to Hinayana Buddhism (the theory of a small group) and to Buddha as an enlightened being who stayed here to teach his disciples.

A group can not choose Nagual, because even Nagual (the being with the second consciousness) can’t see the people in the right way yet and he may choose wrong people to the group who can not free themselves from their self-importance during this lifetime and raise their consciousness to the third level.

People can not enter the group willingly, because usually every such person is too certain in his own superpowers and considers himself to be better and adepter than others. So his personal conception of superpowers shows that he is not capable of freeing himself from self-importance and to fit in the group.

Nagual had to let the Great Spirit select the members of the group. The Great Spirit wasn’t also any regular kind of God to Indians, but a collection of cosmic billowy energy where the energy of a human is also from. In principle, we can call it Our True Father, not Lord, who has a great third level consciousness and who observes all humans and who sends to all worldly humans directions of life in the form of omens. Unfortunately, most people do not notice these directions as they are so busy with their worldly worries.

Group’s main activity is to take themselves to the second level of consciousness by the leading of last group’s nagual and later the preparation of the next group.

Indian’s teaching does not emphasise morality and does not offer moral merits. But important is to gather personal energy through abstemious way of life and through emancipation from self-importance. When a person gets free from self-importance, the moral improves in itself. So in nagualism there are no moral lectures. Emphasis is more on the practices that help to gather the personal energies and also to develop clairvoyance. The teachings took place often in dreams or in meditation so that the pupil didn’t know anything in his ordinary consciousness about it, of what was really going on during the lesson. Some members of the group, who were selected by the Spirit didn’t even know at first for what and how they were taught.

Sparing of personal energy was necessary for standing against the pressure of energies coming from other worlds that tended to overtake the people, who had reached the second level of consciousness or to suck them out of energy. Everyone who gained the second level of consciousness had to protect themself from alien attack on their own with their own personal energy.

Accordingly to this, the Great Spirit selected these people the group, who already had two, three of four times more native energy than people usually have. Nagualism speaks of dyad people, of triangular and quadrangular naguals, which figuratively means that on the road to emancipation only those could go who had two lives. In ordinary life there have been many cases when doctors predict a person soon to be dead because of a difficult disease or accident, but a miracle happens and a person is healed. These miraculous coverings are examples of people who have twice as much of energy than ordinary people and figuratively speaking two lives.

Indians’ teaching says that independent emancipation without the help of a group and a leader, nagual is impossible, because the system Eagle-Earth is so powerful that it traps every individualist.

Ordinary people, who have only one lifetime energy are not capable of gaining the second level of consciousness, because it demands a great amount of personal energy that protect themselves after opening our own small personal world to the other worlds. If one has opened his symbolic doors of personal energy he is capable to perceive the energy fields of others, but at the same time strange and powerful energy fields invade into yours. If a person has energy for one lifetime then he is not capable to stand against the alien pressure and the consequence would be death, heavy illness or madness.

Villu Põldma