Vaijayanti Khare

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Ph.D in Indology: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Masters in Arts (MA) in Indology: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Visiting Professor at Kathmandu University affiliated Institutions for subjects in
Management, Art & Architecture and World History
HEAD – Operations at Chaudhary Group, a Kathmandu based MNC

Studied the 2 year programme covering theory and field work in subjects like Epigraphy,
Numismatics, Iconography, Indian history, Ancient Indian history, The history of Religion and
Religious streams (Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina), Study of the Vedas, Upanishads & Epic literature, Study
of Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrit literature and Indian Art & Architecture (Buddhist, Hindu & Jaina).
Ph.D on ‘Dwarasakhas: A study of the structural evolution and symbolism’ of the Indian temples spanning a period of c. 4 AD to c. 14 AD.
Post-doctoral Senior Fellowship at the AIIS, Delhi, Indiafor a study on ‘Paradigms of Indian art on the
Pacific shores’ where I studied the motif and symbolism of Indian art as reflected in the temple
architecture of mainly Cambodia, Thailand, Java, Sumatra and Myanmar.

Related work experience:

Visiting Lecturer in Ancient Indian art & architecture and Religious thought & movement at Pune, India;
A number of articles for the US and European readership on the Indian thought, art and
culture seen in other parts of the globe like, Fiji, Australia, east Africa and the Schengen
countries & a photo essay on the Temple Doorways for the Southasian readership.