Vladimir Korobov

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Ph.D. from the Vilnius State University, Research Fellow at the Center for Oriental Studies at the University.

Korobov is Deputy Director for Lithuanian Institute of Buddhist Studies. He has been Program Director for Fund Russian Creative Resources (since 1999), Senior Consultant at Joint-Stock Company "Optimalita" (1993-1995), and worked as a psychologist for Lithuanian National Adult Vocational Training and Consulting Authority (1987-1993).

He has done research at the Tibetan Archive of Academy of Science of Russia, Buryat Department (1990), at Ivolginsky monastery (1991), and at Tsugol monastery (1993).


Acta Orientalia Vilnesia 2010, 2011

Mimesis: Some reflections on bodhicitta verses in the second chapter of Guhyasamājatantra;

Models of Global Culturemore; Short Notes on gotra Theory in Yogācāra Buddhism; Affiliation: Bodhisattva Gotra