Welcome Speech by Silver Pramann

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Silver Pramann,

Estonian Ministry of Culture
Departement of Cultural Diversity

Dear guests,

It is a great pleasure for me to be here with you. And I think it is great honour for Estonia to facilitate such a high-level conference and have participants from 12 countries from different parts of the world.

I would like to say some words behalf of Estonian Ministery of Culture.
I have heard positive feedback about previous conferences and I'm sure that this years’ conference will even excell the previous. We already know that this year the conference is larger in the number of participants and presentations. And as I see the program is full of most interesting presentations.

This unique conference where scientists and practising Buddhists work together has already found certain soil and audience and enriches Estonian cultural life.

The theme of the conference “Buddhism and Nordland” refers to cooperation and contacts, which I hope will moreover flourish after the conference, bringing wisdom, light and warmness to our everyday life.

The co-operation and personal contacts that can develop during the conference can help to create and open the dialogue between different cultures and religious. Neither arts nor religion recognizes the limits of citizenship or language, thus allowing the various civil society groups to act together. This, in its turn, increases the desire to communicate with each other. The most effective means for creating mutual understanding and increasing tolerance are personal contacts among people. Often the causes of misunderstandings and conflicts are found in ignorance and alienation.

Nowadays the information and knowledge from different cultures and religious is more and more needed to help understand the differences and to value the differences in societies in our global world.

For conclusion I would like to say thank you to Estonian Nyingma and Ms. Marju Broder for the great job they have done in organizing this conference.

I wish you all pleasant days full of interesting presentations and discussions and I hope you will have a fruitful continuing cooperation!

Thank you!

Silver Pramann